Greetings Ireland – Here We Come!

After launching our company blog, Smart Job, we are officially announcing our introduction into the Ireland market. Get ready Dublin – here we come!

Prog-It is opening an office in Dublin later this spring, excited to be solidifying our presence in the Irish marketplace. We will be situated in the Ormond Building, located in the central, beautiful portion of Dublin. Additionally, it’s close to the Old Town Area, where the ever-famous Temple Bar resides (that’s a plus!).

“Ba mhaith leat bualadh leat?“

Prog-It: Our Background

It was exactly 1-year ago when we received an invitation through one of our partners to come visit the potential office location in Dublin. We were very interested as Ireland is conveniently located for airline travel and maritime business. It wasn’t just for the tempting corporate taxation and the welcoming people, it was for the growth and expansion of our business with Ireland by our side.

After we visited the first time, we started returning regularly. Following a few trips, we found enough interest and contact from one of our partners to visit the area.

My Irish Passion

I must admit, I am a huge fan of Celtic music and St. Patrick’s Day traditions, not to mention the plentiful Guinness, of course. In many ways, the Irish atmosphere and people in the area feel the same to me as the Nordic people from my home community. While traveling in Sweden or Finland, it can be incredibly similar sometimes. The major difference, of course, is the history. This way, I must say, that we will be there as if we were home already.

Plans for the Future

Our passion resides in software development. I invite you to take a quick look at one of our promotional videos – it may pique your interest in our PG warehouse and its handheld options as well.

If you are not in the field of logistics or transportation, that’s ok. We have something special for you, too. We are currently preparing our datacentre services, that will also launch in Ireland. Check out our Nordic we page here, with the option opening soon as well.

Lastly, if you are interested in working with me, please do not hesitate to reach out privately. Apply with private mail and become part of our family.

We would like to formally invite everyone reading this, as well as friends, coworkers, and families, to visit us this spring and consider booking a meeting through our operation.

If you wish to know more, book an online meeting already!

CEO, Jani Lillberg