Do you want to know more about us? Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and our answers.

  • + What is Prog-It?

    Prog-It Oy is a well-established Nordic provider of specialist software for the logistics, freight forwarding and transport sectors. We have 21 years of experience, and we know what we are doing. Our biggest assets are our industry knowledge and our attitude.

    We also have an in-house IT help desk and a team of system development specialists.

    We have our own server room and state-of-the-art operator-standard facilities for providing software solutions on a SaaS-basis or to house other critical ERP systems.

  • + Where does Prog-It operate?

    Our Finnish headquarters are in Helsinki, but we regularly operate along the eastern border and in Oulu, Turku and Tampere.

    In Russia, our offices are at Chistye Prudy station in Moscow, but we also make regular trips to Saint Petersburg.

    Our Swedish offices are located in the heart of Stockholm and in the Port of Gothenburg. For more detailed locations of our offices, please see the map on our international site.

  • + When is Prog-It open?

    Our help desk operates on a 24/7-basis, every day of the year. Uninterrupted business is our priority, which is why someone is always on call.

    Our sales and consultancy staff generally work from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, and from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm in Russia.

  • + Where can I buy Prog-It’s software?

    Few ERP systems are able to meet your needs without customisation, so please ask us for a quote via our chat function or the contact form.

    If you believe that you can adopt a system without customisation, you can read more about our solutions at shop.prog-it.net

    The best way to start is to book an appointment, so that we can discuss your needs and give you a quote.

  • + Which solutions does Prog-It support?

    We provide advice on adopting and using standard office software. We have an extremely wide range of expertise in business and specialist software. If you operate in one of our specialist sectors, we are confident that we will be able to help you!

  • + Does Prog-It know anything about customs declarations?

    We believe that, for IT specialists, we are the best in this field. So the answer is a definite yes.

    We also have extensive expertise in warehousing and freight forwarding, and our consultants have worked in the sector themselves and are sure to be familiar with its best practices.

  • + Does Prog-It provide integration services?

    System integration is our bread and butter. We can also integrate third-party or fourth-party software, not just our own.

  • + What technologies does Prog-It use?

    We mostly operate in Microsoft environments and use and make systems that run on Windows platforms. We also offer solutions that can run on any platform and also in HTML5 and iOS environments.

  • + What about open-source software, interfaces, BYOD, and transparency?

    We support all the most common interfaces, such as EDI, XML, REST and SOAP. Unfortunately our solutions are not open-source, and they are not available over the internet free of charge. However, we are happy to work with open-source systems and are familiar with many of our competitors. We are confident that we can meet your needs whatever they are. We are open to everything.

    We can sell hardware but we do not tie our business to any specific brand. We are happy for you to “bring your own device”, and we can support you in adopting exotic tools as well!

  • + How does Prog-It guarantee quality?

    Our staff are certified for our own software as well as for various other manufacturers’ solutions. Our list of consultant certifications is impressive, and if you tell us which area you are most interested in, we can tell you more.

  • + Is Prog-It active in social media?

    We have a Facebook page, and we are in the process of creating a profile on LinkedIn käyttöönottoa. Like our page!

  • + How can I get more information?

    The easiest way is to send us an email to sales@prog-it.net, and we will get back to you!

  • + Where can I find out more about your software?

    We have compiled a demo site where you can learn more about our software. The address of the site is gq.pgnet.fi, but you will need a user name and a password. You can get a user name from our sales department, which can also give you advice depending on which software you are interested in.

    Our demo site runs on Citrix Receiver, and our help desk at support@prog-it.net can answer any technical questions you may have.

  • + What are Master Classes?

    We regularly hold events called Master Classes. Our Master Classes take place in our offices in the biggest cities, and sometimes on a road-show-basis in places like Kaliningrad and other port towns.

    The agendas of the events depend on what is hot at the time. We mostly discuss our own software, but we have also had third-party guests from fields such as law or other specialist areas. We have held approximately 14 Master Classes in the last year, and the average score given in feedback questionnaires on a scale of 1–5 has been 4.6.

    The events are targeted at our corporate customers, to whom we want to tell more about our software. New potential customers also often turn up, who want to meet our existing customers.

    Presentations from our earlier Master Classes can be found under Publications.

  • + Are you able to provide references?

    Absolutely and with pleasure! Just tell us the field you are interested in, and we will put you in touch with one of our customers in that sector over the telephone. Our Master Classes are also a good opportunity to meet our other customers. Contact us and we can tell you more!

  • + Are you hiring?

    For vacancies, please see rekry.prog-it.net We also hire temporary workers during the summer as well as trainees, and these kinds of positions also appear on the same page. If you have a wide range of skills and do not want to wait for a specific vacancy, email us at rekry@prog-it.net, and we will get back to you.

If you have other questions, please send us an email to sales@prog-it.net, and we will get back to you!