Improved business focus through IT outsourcing

blue1Air traffic is a rapidly growing and developing business. This poses special challenges to IT, both in terms of basic technology and systems. The dynamic environment calls for flexible and automated IT solutions. When Blue1 was selecting an outsourcing partner, the company valued expertise, domestic origin, flexibility and strategic partnership that drives the business forward. For Blue1, the cooperation brought more experts to the IT team at the entire staff’s disposal. Additionally, it improved the user and customer support and service.

Blue1 wanted to focus on the growth and development of its core business. Processes, systems and infrastructure must support the continuously changing business, but securing this was not Blue1’s core business. The company sought for a strategic and competent outsourcing partner to work in seamless cooperation with Blue1’s IT team and the entire Blue1 organisation.

Prog-It takes care of the maintenance, development and user and customer support of Blue1’s critical business systems 24/7. Prog-It created a service catalogue for the business for tracking and monitoring the progress and lead times of processes and projects. Additionally, Blue1 has at least one Prog-It expert available on-site on a daily basis.

Blue1 may cost-effectively concentrate on its core business and the development of its services. Prog-It sees to it that IT services operate flawlessly. Blue1’s IT and business work seamlessly together, disruptions have been avoided and the staff has been provided with more tools at its disposal. Additionally, the IT team was provided with much-needed expertise and resources, which is reflected in the improved level of service for Blue1’s customers and staff.

“We are happy with the Prog-It operation and services. The single most important factor are the competent people who provide this service. They convey the spirit that they want to do things together and that the most important thing is to support Blue1’s business.”

Petri Laine, CIO, Blue1