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GDPR: My Final Conclusions

Within my first three articles covering the matters of GDPR, I forayed into Infra Business and Software Business, providing a full scope of GDPR and what it promises after its unveil in May. I have received much feedback in different form for these articles, most of it relating to how you, personally, as a consumer, find the liability of registry keepers irritating. From the feedback, I gather that not many are prepared to think about how they can be compliant with their own business, often considered someone else’s job.

In my opinion, it’s a matter that concerns us all.

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GDPR: What It Is & a Brief History

In this blog, I am going to share some background information about data privacy history, and how we arrived today at what’s called: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To many of my Nordic friends, this might already be easy to understand. You may be wondering why I am here defining the terms. The answer is that my inspiration came from our independence day event conversation. I was at a table with a respected colleague who was thinking out loud. He was mulling over how business was performing for everyone else at the table. Was everyone doing well? It made me realize that even if you have heard of the acronym GDPR, you might not still have a clear understanding of what the term means for you and your business.

This blog is to help you understand the matter moving forward.

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